Georgia O'Keefe (1887-1986)
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Princess Anna-Luise von Anhalt (1933-2003)
+November 1, 2003

Maria Theresia, Countess von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1922-2003)
+September 14, 2003

Prince Alexander von Bayern (1923-2001)
+May 6, 2001
The Mozart Requiem took place on May 11 in the St. Michaelskirche in Munich. The Holy Mass was read by The Abbot of St. Ottilien, Odilo Lechner O.S.B. (Order of St.Benedict). The Prince will be buried in Zweibrücken in der Pfalz, according to his wish for historic reasons Alexander was a bachelor and the second son of Prince Adalbert von Bayern. 

Hilda Hildegard Marie Gabrielle Lockett,  Princess von Bayern (1926-2002)
+May 5th, 2002

Carl Gustaf Oscar Bernadotte, Prince of Sweden (1911-2003)
Born: 10 January 1911
Died: 27 June, 2003, Malaga, Spain

Princess Marie de Bourbon de Parme née Princess of Savoy (1914-2001)
Born Rome 26th December 1914
Died Mandelieu 4th December, 2001
(last surviving child of King Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy)

Maria Cristina de Borbón y Bosch Labrus, 3rd Duchess de Durcal
and Grande of Spain
born Madrid on May 15, 1913 
+July 28, 2002

Prince Guy de Broglie (1924-2001)

Prince Alexander Georg Maria Ignatius of Croy (1912-2002)
Born on November 27, 1912
Died London?
(The Times, 9th May 2002 - requiem mass is being held in London. He leaves a wife, Primrose, and 2 daughters Charlotte (formerly Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg) and Emma, and one son, Maximilian)

Elizabeth, Queen of England 1900-2002 *Queen Mum* -photo album-
nee Lady Elizabeth Angela Bowes-Lyon
+30 March 2002

Kasimir Graf Esterhazy de Galantha (-1999) (anouncement)
Kasimir Graf Esterhazy de Galantha (Sterbebild Vorderseite)
Kasimir Graf Esterhazy de Galantha (Sterbebild Hinterseite)
+December 6, 1999

Dr. Laszlo Prince Esterhazy de Galantha (-2000) (anouncement)
+January 5, 2000

Rose Marie, Countess Fugger von Babenhausen (1927-1999)

Count Friedrich-Wilhelm von Westphalen zu Fuerstenberg
Born  July 5, 1957 in Muenster, Westfalne
Died  Sept 13, 2001 (in a small airplance crash somewhere in  Canada, being on a hunting trip).
Lord (Owner) of Fuerstenberg, Haus Laer, Herbram, Dreckburg, Talle, Dinkelburg, Natzungen, Rixdorf, Schoenweide, Tramm, Sellin, Seedorf and several other estates in what was the former East Germany as well as in overseas. He was a very kind and caring gentleman and very much loved and adored by his family, employees and his friends. He is the son of Count Clemens August von Westphalen zu Fuerstenberg * 1927 and Countess  Johanna von Galen * 1936.

Clara, Fuerstin zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (1912-2001) (anouncement)
(nee Freiin von Meyern-Hohenberg)
Clara, Fuerstin zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (1912-2001) (Sterbebild)
+June 2, 2001

Alfonso, Prince zu Hohenlohe- Langenburg (1924-2003) (announcement)
+December 21, 2003

Prinz Godehard von Hohenzollern (1939-2001)
+May 21, 2001

Prince Constantin von und zu Liechtenstein (1911-2001) (anouncement)
+March 28, 2001

Simone, Princess zur Lippe-Biesterfeld (1915-2001) (announcement)
+November 21, 2001

Prince Alexandre Obolensky(1915-2002)
Born St. Petersburg 14th June 1915
Died 26th January 2002 
(the funeral service took place at the Russian Orthodox Monastry of the Holy Trinity at Jordainville, New York 30th January 2002

Wolfgang, Prinz zu Oettingen-Oettingen und Oettingen Wallerstein
(1924-2001) (anouncement)
+April 4, 2001

Ramona, Countess von Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff (1928-2003)
+December 16,  2003

Aurel Friedrich Ladislaus Heinrich Graf zu Ortenburg (1927-2001)
+ October 2001

Dr. Heinrich VII., Prince Reuss (1927-2002)
+8th February 2002

HH Prince Alexander Romanoff (-2002)
+September 21st 2002

Count Flemming of Rosenborg, Prince of Denmark (1922-2002)
+20th June 2002

Rosemarie, Archduchess of Austria, Princess zu Salm-Salm (1904-2001)
+May 3, 2001

Dagmar, Fuerstin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Hohenstein (1919-2002)
+13th February 2002

Maria Filipa, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstain-Sayn (1980-2001)
+September 30, 2001

Philipp Ernst, Fuerst zu Schaumburg-Lippe (1928-2003)
+August 28, 2003

Elisabeth, Graefin und Herrin von Schoenburg-Glauchau (-1999)
+October 25, 1999

Marie, Freifrau von Wolzogen und Neuhaus
nee Princess von Schoenburg-Waldenburg  (1922-2004)
+May 15, 2004

Marie-Anna, Burggräfin und Countess zu Dohna-Schlobitten
née Princess zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich (1910-2002)  announcement
+ January 4, 2002

Franz, Count zu Stolberg-Stolberg (1917-2002) -announcement-
+April 4, 2002

Karl, Count zu Stolberg-Stolberg (1925-2003) -announcement-
+May 21, 2003

Josephine, Graefin von Moy de Sons (-1999) -announcement- 
Josephine, Graefin von Moy de Sons (Sterbebild Vorderseite)
Josephine, Graefin von Moy de Sons (Sterbebild Hinterseite)
+December 13, 1999

Ferdinand Ludwig, Graf zu Waldburg-Wolfegg und Waldsee (1933-2001)
+June 12, 2001

Friedrich Maximilian, Graf zu Waldburg-Wolfegg und Waldsee (-1999)
+November 30, 1999

Wilhelm Friedrich Dietrich Ludwig-Eugen, Prince zu Wied (1938-2001) (announcement)
+May 11, 2001



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