Mary Bridget Gurry

My information on my Gastel relatives is limited to the past six generations, starting with the first Gastel in my line to come to the United States. The family legend is that our first Gastel in America came alone at age 12 to New York State in 1812, after walking across France. He tried settling in what is now Northern Ohio (where I now live) but left do to the uprisings of the Native Americans (Indians). He returned to the Buffalo, NY area.  His name was Georg(e) Gastel which some members of the family think was spelled originally perhaps Gaestel.  I do not know who he married but he did have a son and the line continued:

64. Georg(e) Gastel (or Gaestel)
b. 1800 d.1900

32. John Gastel
(no information at this time)

16. Louis Gastel
b. August 20, 1857 d. Jan. 4, 1947
17. oo Anna Scherber

8. George Louis Gastel
b. 1888 d. June 1941
9. oo Mary Kollar

4. George Andrew Gastel
b. November 7, 1922
5. oo Irene Orenich

2. Marilyn Gastel
b. June 20, 1949
3. oo Mel Gurry

1. Mary Bridget Gurry

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