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The Descendants of 
William Spencer of Rodborne
(generations 1-9 of 20 generations)

       William Spencer, of Rodborne
       Married Elizabeth Empson, daughter of Peter Empson
             Children, Generation I

       Generation I
            1  Sir John Spencer, of Snitterfield
               Died 14 April 1522
               Married Isabel Grant, daughter of Walter Grant, of
                     Children, Generation II-1

       II-1 (I-1)
            1  Sir William Spencer
               Died 22 June 1532
               Married Susan Knightley, daughter of Richard Knightley, of
               Fawsley and Joan Skennard
               Died after 1539
                     Children, Generation III-1

      III-1 (II-1-1)
            1  Sir John Spencer, of Wormleighton
               Died 8 November 1586
               Married Catherine Kitson, daughter of Sir Thomas Kitson, of
               Hengrave and Margaret Donington
                     Children, Generation IV-1

       IV-1 (III-1-1)
            1  Sir John Spencer, of Wormleighton
               Died 9 January 1599
               Married Margaret Catlin, daughter of Robert Catlin, Lord
              Chief Justice and Anne Boles
                     Children, Generation V-1

            2  Thomas Spencer

            3  Sir William Spencer, of Yarnton
               Married Margaret Bowyer, daughter of Francis Bowyer,
               Alderman of London
                     Children, Generation V-2

            4  Richard Spencer

            5  Edward Spencer

            6  Anne Spencer
               Died 22 September 1618
               Married (1) before 15 February 1575
               William Stanley, 3rd Lord Monteagle, son of Thomas Stanley,
               2nd Lord Monteagle and Lady Mary Brandon
               Died 10 November 1581
               Married (2) Sir Henry Compton, 1st Baron Compton, son of
               Peter Compton and Lady Anne Talbot
               Born 16 February 1538
               Buried 10 December 1589 Compton
               Married (3) 4 December 1592 Yarnton, Oxon.
               Robert Sackville, 2nd Earl of Dorset, son of Thomas
               Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset and Cecily Baker
               Born 1561
               Died 27 February 1609 London, Dorset House
               Buried Withyam

            7  Elizabeth Spencer
               Buried 2 March 1618 Westminster Abbey
               Married (1) 29 December 1574 *
               George Carey, 2nd Baron Hunsdon, son of Henry Carey, Baron
               Hunsdon and Anne Morgan
               Born 1547
               Died 8 September 1603
               Buried Westminster Abbey
               Married (2) after  March 1612
               Ralph Eure, 3rd Lord Eure of Witton, son of William Eure,
               2nd Lord Eure and Margaret Dymoke
               Born 24 September 1558 Berwick Castle
               Died 1 April 1617

            8  Alice Spencer
               Died 23 January 1637 Harefield, Midx.
               Married (1) before 1580
               Ferdinando Stanley, 5th Earl of Derby, son of Henry
               Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby and Lady Margaret Clifford
               Born circa 1559  London
               Died 16 April 1594
               Buried Ormskirk
               Married (2) 20 October 1600
               Thomas Egerton, 1st Viscount Brackley, son of Sir Ralph
               Egerton, of Ridley and Alice Sparke
               Born 1540
               Died 15 March 1617 York House, Whitehall

            9  Katherine Spencer
               Died January 1639
               Married circa 1570
               Sir Thomas Leigh, 1st Baronet

        V-1 (IV-1-1)
            1  Robert Spencer
               1st Baron Spencer, of Wormleighton
               Born 1570
               Died 25 October 1627 Wormleighton
               Buried Brington
               Married 15 February 1588 Brington, co Northampton
               Margaret Willoughby, of Wollaton, daughter of Francis
               Willoughby, of Wollaton and Elizabeth Lyttleton, of
               Died 17 August 1597
                     Children, Generation VI-1

        V-2 (IV-1-3)
            1  Catherine Spencer
               Died 7 December 1612
               Buried St.Botolph's, Aldersgate
               Married 1 June 1601
               Sir Henry Montagu, 1st Earl of Manchester, son of Sir
               Edward Montagu, of Boughton Castle and Elizabeth Harington
               Born circa 1563 Boughton
               Died 7 November 1642
               Buried Kimbolton

       VI-1 (V-1-1)
            1  John Spencer
               Born before 6 December 1590
               Died August 1610 Blois, France

            2  William Spencer
               2nd Lord Spencer, of Wormleighton
               baptised 4 January 1592 Brington
               Died 19 December 1636
               Buried Brington
               Married 1615
               Lady Penelope Wriothesley, daughter of Henry Wriothesley,
               3rd Earl of Southampton and Elizabeth Vernon
               Born circa 28 November 1598
               Died 16 July 1667
                     Children, Generation VII-1

      VII-1 (VI-1-2)
            1  Henry Spencer
               1st Earl of Sunderland
               baptised 23 November 1620 Brington
               Died 20 September 1643 Newbury (in battle)
               Married 20 July 1639 Penshurst, Kent
               Lady Dorothy Sydney, daughter of Robert Sydney, 2nd Earl of
               Leicester and Lady Dorothy Percy
               baptised 5 October 1617 Isleworth, Midx.
               Buried 25 February 1684 Brington
                     Children, Generation VIII-1

            2  Alice Spencer
               baptised 29 December 1625 Brington, Northants.
               Died July 1696 / 1712
               Married Henry Moore, 1st Earl of Drogheda, son of Charles
               Moore, 2nd Viscount Moore, of Drogheda and Alice Loftus
               Died 12 January 1675
               Buried Dublin

            3  Margaret Spencer
               baptised 19 January 1627 Brington, Northants
               Died 1693
               Married 30 August 1655 St.Paul's, Covent Garden
               Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, son of Sir
               John Cooper, of Rockbourne, 1st Baronet and Anne Ashley
               Born 22 July 1621 Wimborne St.Giles
               Died 21 January 1683 Amsterdam, Holland

            4  William Spencer, of Ashton
               Married Hon. Elizabeth Gerard, daughter of Dutton Gerard,
               3rd Lord Gerard of Bromley and Lady Elizabeth O'Brien
                     Children, Generation VIII-2

     VIII-1 (VII-1-1)
            1  Robert Spencer
               2nd Earl of Sunderland
               Born circa 1640 Paris
               Died 28 September 1702 Althorp
               Buried Brington
               Married 10 June 1665 London, St. Vedast's
               Lady Anne Digby, daughter of George Digby, 2nd Earl of
               Bristol and Lady Anne Russell
               Died 16 April 1715
               Buried Brington
                     Children, Generation IX-1

            2  Lady Dorothy Spencer
               Died 16 December 1670 Lincoln's Inn Fields
               Buried Thornhill
               Married 29 December 1656 London
               George Savile, 1st Marquis of Halifax, son of Sir William
               Savile, of Thornhill, 3rd Baronet and Anne Coventry
               Born 11 November 1633 Thornhill
               Died 5 April 1695
               Buried Westminster Abbey

     VIII-2 (VII-1-4)
            1  Elizabeth Spencer
               Married Robert Hesketh, of Rufford

       IX-1 (VIII-1-1)
            1  Lady Anne Spencer
               Born 24 June 1666 Chiswick, Midx.
               Died 2 July 1690 Kinneil Hse, co Linlithgow
               Married before 5 January 1687
               James Douglas-Hamilton, 4th Duke of Hamilton, 1st Duke of
               Brandon, son of William Douglas, Duke of Hamilton, 1st Earl
               of Selkirk and Anne Hamilton, Duchess of Hamilton
               Born 11 April 1658
               Died 15 November 1712 Hyde Park (in a duel)
               Buried Hamilton

            2  Charles Spencer
               3rd Earl of Sunderland
               Born circa 1674
               Died 19 April 1722 London, Sunderland Hse, Picca.
               Married (1) 12 January 1695
               Lady Arabella Cavendish, daughter of Henry Cavendish, 2nd
               Duke of Newcastle and Frances Pierrepont
               Born 19 August 1673
               Died 4 June 1698
               Buried Brington
               Married (2) 14 September 1699
               Lady Anne Churchill, daughter of John Churchill, 1st Duke
               of Marlborough and Sarah Jennings
               Born 27 February 1682
               Died 15 April 1716
               Buried Brington
                     Children, Generation X-1