The Many Advantages Of Green Vein Kratom

Those who have recently discovered kratom are intrigued by its apparent health, medicinal and recreational benefits. What they may not realize, however, is that the numerous strains of kratom can be quite different in the effects they have on users. One of the most popular varieties is green vein kratom, identified by – as you’d likely guess – the prominent green veins that run through the plant’s leaves.

Like all kratom, this strain provides a mixture of stimulation, cognitive enhancement, relaxation and pain relief. The actual effects that each user experiences can differ and depend greatly on the dosage used. Green vein kratom is potent, though, and as little as a single gram can bring about the desired effects – as long as sedation is not the goal.

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But why buy green vein kratom? Read on.

The Effects Of Green Vein Kratom

In order to distinguish green vein from other kratom strains, it’s first necessary to look at the effects that the herb generally provides.

Kratom is so unusual because users enjoy different experiences depending on the size of the dose. At low doses the substance is best known for its effect as a stimulant, providing both physical and mental energy and awareness; it’s sometimes used in place of so-called “smart drugs,” or nootropics. At higher doses, kratom acts more like an opioid or opium, with relaxation, warmth, euphoria and sedation the most common reactions as the dosage increases. Even at relatively high doses, though, kratom does not bring on many of the dangerous side effects that opiates are known for.

The herb is also effective as an analgesic for pain relief and to treat illnesses ranging from high blood pressure to fibromyalgia. It is used by some as a sexual stimulant, and has been shown useful in treating opiate addiction.

OK, now that that’s out of the way, we can talk more specifically about green vein kratom. This strain is generally viewed as a “middle-of-the-road” choice – not the #1 choice as a pain killer, not #1 for energy or mental stimulation, and not #1 for euphoria. Instead, it provides all of those benefits in moderate amounts. That makes green vein kratom an excellent choice for newer or first-time users. Its effects also tend to last longer than many strains, an additional reason why green vein kratom powder is one of the most popular products we sell. The fact that the effects can last six-to-eight hours explains why many who suffer from chronic illnesses prefer green vein kratom, along with the fact that sedation effects doesn’t usually occur until large doses are used. Experts believe the length of the experience is due to either the strain’s stronger cell walls or a higher level of mitragynine, one of the key alkaloids in kratom leaves.

Since green vein kratom is a relatively-strong herb, low and high doses are “lower” and “higher” than with some other strains. The former would normally be between one and three grams, while the latter would be on the order of three to five grams. More than that should only be taken by experienced users. As with any product, a user’s tolerance can depend on their size, physical and mental makeup; always start low and increase gradually.

Negative effects of green vein kratom like headaches or nausea are reported occasionally, but they’re not common and no different than those seen with use of any form of kratom. More serious issues are normally only seen with prolonged use or extremely high dosages. To answer one other question we’re often asked: kratom, no matter the strain or the form, does not show up on drug tests.

Types of Green Vein Kratom

Like other strains of kratom, the characteristics of the green vein herb can vary depending on the region where it has been grown. There are high levels of alkaloids in Bali/Indo green vein kratom, making it the most powerful choice with effects similar to those of kratom maeng da. Mental stimulation and energy, along with a good level of relaxation, are prominent at low dosages of Bali/Indo green vein. Malaysian green vein kratom is known more for its energizing and nootropic effects with some euphoria present, and strains coming from Borneo are quite balanced in all of their effects and best for pain relief because there is a bit more sedation possible.

Where To Buy Green Vein Kratom

As we alluded to earlier, it’s a bad idea to buy green vein kratom powder (or any other strain) at local stores like smoke shops or convenience stores, even if they claim they specialize in kratom. The product sold in those shops is usually low-quality or cut with other substances (at best) or counterfeit (at worst). Even if you happen on a reliable head shop that does sell real green vein kratom, you’re not going to get the experience you think you’re paying for.

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In short, we specialize in kratom, care about the quality of what we sell and are always available to answer any questions before or after your purchase. Isn’t that what you’re looking for when you buy kratom online?