Reasons To Buy Kratom Extract

There are almost as many ways to prepare and take kratom as there are different strains of the herb.

It’s possible to enjoy the effects of kratom by mixing a powdered form of the herb with beverages or with food (or even gulp down the powder all by itself), taking easy-to-swallow pre-measured capsules, chewing the raw leaves or even smoke them. Some of those methods are more advisable than others, particularly if you’re sensitive to bitter tastes.

But most of those who are experienced with kratom agree that the most effective way to take kratom is in extract form, since kratom extract is a concentrated product with high levels of the most important alkaloids which give the herb its effectiveness. The extract can be used in several different ways, and there several different types of kratom extract. However, all are quite powerful.

More and more local shops that sell smoking paraphernalia, and even convenience stores, have started selling kratom in several of its forms including extracts. Be warned. The kratom sold in those types of outlets are simply there as “one more product.” Is it pure? Is it cut with something innocuous or dangerous? Is it fake? Are the recommended dosages correct? Who knows? The sales clerk certainly doesn’t, because he or she has probably never even tried kratom. As we say, it’s “just a product” to them.

When you’re going to buy kratom extract (or any other form of the herb), be sure that you’re dealing with experts who specialize in kratom. That means you should buy kratom extract online, because the best Internet providers like are the only ones who pay rigorous attention to product quality and integrity. A dedicated online website is where to buy kratom extract, and we invite you to check out our site to learn more about why we’re the nation’s premiere source.

Is kratom extract the right choice for you? Let’s find out.

The Many Ways to Take Kratom

Many people prefer to simply buy kratom powder, made from leaves that have been dried and then crushed. One advantage to powder is that it can easily be mixed with juice or other drinks, brewed with tea or added to food; those methods are convenient and also serve to hide the often-bitter natural taste of kratom. The other advantage is that suggested dosages for different strains of kratom are usually measured in grams, and it’s extremely easy to measure kratom powder on a scale that’s calibrated properly.

People newer to kratom (and some experienced users as well) prefer an even simpler method of taking the herb: capsules. A kratom capsule is really just pre-measured kratom powder loaded into a vegetable-based or gelatin container. It’s easy to swallow and easy to figure out, with no discernable taste and no messy powder to deal with. Capsules can take longer to work (because the container must first dissolve) and are usually a little more expensive than powder.

Other enthusiasts go old school, and we mean really old school. For hundreds of years, kratom users in the plant’s native Southeast Asia would chew kratom leaves to derive maximum benefit from them, and the method is still common in the region today. Some Americans with access to kratom leaves do the same and claim it’s incredibly effective, although most people would likely object to the taste and sensation of chewing. It’s also possible to smoke kratom leaves, but you’d need an enormous number of them in order to derive much benefit – it would also be an arduous and expensive task.

Forms of Kratom Extract and How They’re Used

That leaves us with kratom extract, which is made when the plant’s leaves are dissolved in a solution of water and alcohol. The active alkaloids in the leaves are absorbed into the liquid to create an extract called a “tincture.” Only the best producers can make kratom tinctures that deliver the full spectrum of effects of the kratom plant, because advanced lab equipment is required. Kratom extract in the form of tinctures is either added to beverages or food, or more commonly, taken orally with a few drops placed under the tongue to be absorbed. Only very small doses are required.

If the alcohol/water mixture is boiled down until only a thick, condensed paste is left, you have kratom resin. And when it’s hardened and ground into a fine powder (not to be confused with standard kratom powder), you have kratom resin extract. This is the most effective and powerful form of the herb. The preferred use for this extract is for making tea, although it can be added to juice or food, or eaten; some users eat small amounts of the resin without grinding it. Because of its potency, very little of the extract should be used at one time.

Enhanced leaf kratom extract (often called UEI for Ultra Enhanced Indo) is also extremely potent, as it’s basically created by taking extract and going through the process a second time with another set of kratom leaves. On the least potent side is water-based kratom extract, created simply by dissolving leaves in water (with no alcohol, and therefore no chemical reaction). Water-based product is mild and may not provide the effects many people are seeking.

The strength of most kratom extracts, particularly resins, is measured on a scale with a number followed by “x,” usually 8x or 15x. The number stands for the weight (in grams) of leaves needed to create one gram of resin, and 15x doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is almost twice as strong as 8x. In fact, once you go above 20x you’ll find that some of the effects of kratom are not present. Total alkaloid content, looking for a “full spectrum” description of the product, and trial and error are the best ways to judge extracts.

Where Can I Buy Kratom Extract?

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