Maeng Da Kratom: What Makes It Different?

Maeng da kratom has been widely viewed as the most potent strain of kratom. In recent years, though, greater availability of other high-quality strains from and other high-end providers has somewhat lessened that “advantage” of maeng da kratom. A large number of our customers still want to buy maeng da for its very unique properties, however, and we’re proud to have the very best maeng da for sale at WorldRoots.

There are also some who shy away from the strain, believing that it has been genetically modified by scam artists and isn’t even real kratom. That’s not exactly true; it has been genetically engineered but that’s a plus, and there’s definitely no scam involved. To understand the truth about maeng da, it’s necessary to look at its origins.

Where Did Maeng Da Kratom Come From?

In a few words, it originated in Thailand. In the 20th century, growers throughout Southeast Asia had been working with their kratom plants in order to discover ways to create more potent strains which could grow quickly, so they could rapidly produce the strongest herb possible. An important method they used was selective breeding, grafting specimens together in the same way that hybrid roses or “designer vegetables” are created.

And one of the first byproducts was maeng da kratom, revered by the manual laborers who regularly used kratom to get through their difficult workdays. They appreciated the potency of this new strain and named it maeng da, which in Thai means “pimp kratom.”

This “extremely green” form of kratom is still widely used in Asia. However, even though it’s no longer the only gold standard for the herb, you can’t buy maeng da in most Western outlets that carry what they call kratom (usually anything you’ll buy in a US retail outlet is low-quality product). You’ll only find maeng da kratom for sale by the very best providers, which means you’ll have to buy maeng da online. We’re proud to be one of the few sites to offer the highest-quality maeng da kratom, harvested from organically grown trees and rigorously inspected for quality.

What Makes Maeng Da Kratom So Special?

So if maeng da kratom isn’t the only potent form of the herb now available, why is it so sought-after? The answer is in the effects it provides.

The full-blown euphoric effect that can be obtained from most forms of kratom isn’t as pronounced with maeng da, and for many users it isn’t experienced at all. Instead, maeng da kratom is known for the mental stimulation it provides, as well as the extra energy it can give. Mood is improved and focus is enhanced; many users choose maeng da rather than a nootropic supplement.

Some use the herb as a substitute for anti-depressants, and while it’s not the best kratom strain for pain, it’s still effective for many patients. It also doesn’t cause the “overly tired” feeling associated with prescription opioids or kratom strains often used for their analgesic effects. In other words, maeng da can help manage pain while still being a stimulant.

Naturally, maeng da kratom taken at high dosages is still likely to lead to the sedative-like effects that any high-level dose of kratom will produce. It’s also important to realize that regular usage of maeng da will usually create tolerance issues, lessening the stimulatory effects and bring the user closer to doses that will parallel high-dose kratom or opiate usage.

A smaller dose of maeng da kratom is required than for other strains for its effects to be felt (1-2 grams instead of 3-5), and those effects last for a shorter period of time than with other strains. Some regular kratom users will feel more jitters than usual if they’re not accustomed to maeng da, which is not surprising given the stimulant effect the herb produces.

Why is maeng da kratom noticeably different than other strains? Scientists aren’t positive, but they believe it has more of the active ingredients that give kratom its properties, like 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. Those alkaloids affect the brain’s delta opioid receptors when small doses are used, and the mu opioid receptors when present in larger amounts.

As with other forms of kratom, maeng da is notable for lacking the side effects commonly associated with opiate use, like vomiting or nausea.

Is Maeng Da Kratom Legal?


Actually, there are a few caveats necessary. Maeng da is not legal in a few American states, and it’s also banned or strictly regulated in several other countries. However, maeng da for sale in the US is perfectly legal to purchase and use almost everywhere.

The federal government recently announced its intent to regulate all forms of kratom as a controlled substance, effectively making it illegal. However, largely due to protests and feedback from both users and the scientific community, the government retracted that notice even more recently and is now soliciting further comments and information on the benefits of the herb.

Where Can I Buy Maeng Da?

You’d probably guess that has high-quality maeng da for sale, and you’d be right. We hope you’ll purchase kratom products from us, but we do want to re-emphasize that any maeng da (or other strain) that you might see in a head shop or convenience store is most likely adulterated or simply fake. When you buy maeng da kratom online from a reputable source, you’ll be getting the real thing.

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