Red Vein Kratom: Why It’s So Popular

Perhaps the most popular strain of kratom sold anywhere – and the most popular that we sell at – is red vein kratom. Fortunately, plants with red-veined leaves are willing to cooperate; they grow like weeds (not that type of weed) and produce voluminous amounts of product. That means there’s plenty of supply to meet the demand, keeping prices at reasonable levels.

Kratom is known for its dual personality. At low doses, it can act as an mood-elevating stimulant and analgesic pain reliever. At high doses, it can produce euphoria or relaxation and even sedation. Not all strains of kratom are created equal, however, and there are good reasons why red vein kratom is so sought after.

Be careful, though, because not all kratom is created equal, either. You may see “red vein kratom” on sale at your local paraphernalia or smoke shop, but that’s not where to buy red vein kratom (or any other strain). The best you can hope for is that it’s simply a lower-quality product than you can find from a real kratom dealer. At worst, it will be either diluted or fake.

It may sound strange to hear that you should only buy red vein kratom online, but that’s the best source – after all, there are no dispensaries or even “trustworthy” street dealers who sell the herb. If you can find a reliable online red vein kratom vendor like, where we specialize in kratom, that’s your best bet. And lucky you! You’ve already found us.

Let’s get back to the subject of red vein kratom, and find out just why this strain is so popular.

A Quick Refresher Course on Kratom

You probably already know at least a little about kratom. It’s a product made from the leaves of a plant (mitragyna speciosa, if you’re curious) that grows throughout Southeast Asia. Cultures throughout that area have used it for many hundreds of years to treat all sorts of ailments from diarrhea to high blood pressure, as well as general pain. And Asian farm workers have used kratom for just as long for its ability to help them get through their workdays, because of the stimulant and euphoric effects it can have. It’s also been used for recreational purposes by many living in the region, because its effects can often mimic those of opiates and opium.

Those effects depend in large part on the size of the dose that’s taken. Generally speaking, lower doses of kratom will act as a stimulant and nootropic (what many people call a “smart drug”), and as the dose increases the effects will change to those experienced when using a sedative or opioid. At high doses, users can feel the same types of effects as morphine or opium but without extremely dangerous side effects like shallow respiration. The reason for the very different effects of kratom is that its key alkaloids work on different receptors in the brain, depending on the amount released.

There are many strains of kratom, though, and each performs slightly differently when used. So, how does red vein kratom fit into the picture?

The Qualities of Red Vein Kratom

The red vein strain is distinguished by the obvious red veins in its leaves and the red stems on its plants; different colored veins indicate different levels of active substances. That’s why red vein kratom has different properties than, for example, white vein kratom. The red-veined strain is best known for its ability to improve mood, provide a relaxed feeling and help with pain relief rather than having a stimulant effect. But just as important is where the plant originated (a different fact than where it is currently grown), which also has a big impact when it comes to how kratom interacts with the body.

Bali/Indo red vein kratom is the most popular of all the varieties. It’s the best choice for pain relief, and also is very good at fighting anxiety and relaxing users, with only a few grams often enough to “take the edge off.” Higher doses from 5-10 grams will increase the effect and eventually reveal Bali red vein kratom’s strong sedative effects, as well as the fact that it’s the strain least likely to cause nausea at high doses, although what are known as “the wobbles” can be experienced. This is not the most powerful type of kratom you can find and it’s not the one to choose if energy and stimulation is your goal.

Thai red vein kratom is almost as popular. It combines mood elevation with a potent ability to relieve pain, but is not the best choice if you’re looking for a stimulant. It’s a better option if you’re searching for a substance that may temporarily alleviate depression. Since it’s not overly stimulating, red vein Thai kratom provides relaxation and works well as a sleep aid at relatively small doses (which are larger than those required by some other strains), and lasts longer than most other red vein kratom.

Other prominent varieties of red vein kratom are Borneo, which is more of a mild relaxation, mood-elevation and sedation choice, and Malaysian which is similar but provides a greater nootropic effect.

Where Can I Buy Red Vein Kratom?

From us.

Seriously, there are many online sites where you can buy red vein kratom varieties; as we’ve explained, online red vein kratom – when purchased from a reputable website – is a far superior option to grabbing whatever they happen to have at a smoke shop.

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