Why White Vein Kratom Is Different Than Most Other Strains

A cappuccino can be perfect after dinner, but if you need a morning jump-start you’re more likely to choose a dark roast, black coffee or even an espresso.

Those new to buying kratom often don’t realize that different strains of the herb can have that same wide range of effects and benefits. And white vein kratom has a very specific place in that “hierarchy” of effects; it’s the most energizing form of all kratom varieties.

Not as many people buy white vein kratom from WorldRoots.com as the red and green strains, which are more popular and in demand. That’s understandable, but we’re still America’s best choice for online white vein kratom sales. All of our product is the highest-quality available anywhere, and we’re one of the only providers which tests to ensure our kratom’s freshness and potency before shipping. If you’re wondering where to buy white vein kratom – you already have your answer.

Why would you want to buy it? Let’s find out.

The General Effects of Kratom

Even if you’ve never used kratom before, you probably know its general properties: at low doses it can provide energy, mental clarity and mood elevation, while at higher doses it often creates feelings of euphoria or acts as a sedative. It is often quite helpful in dealing with pain, and kratom has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to treat ailments as diverse as diarrhea, diabetes and high blood pressure. Some believe it is an aid to sexual stimulation and performance, and kratom is commonly used to help people with addictions to opium, heroin and methadone because its effects can be similar to opiates without their most serious side effects.

The size of a kratom dose can make all the difference. At low levels, the active alkaloids contained in kratom leaves (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) affect one set of receptors in the brain, while at high levels they hit a different set of receptors. In the former case, energy and brain function is stimulated; in the latter case, the relaxation responses of the brain are triggered.

Not all strains contain the same levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, however. That’s why different types of kratom cause different sensations and reactions. In most cases, the differences are a matter of degree. But for white vein kratom, the difference is much more pronounced.

Effects of White Vein Kratom

When you make a white vein kratom buy you shouldn’t expect it to be the most effective for pain, and it may be a bit less relaxing than strains like green or red vein. The primary reasons for choosing white vein kratom is for the energy and nootropic effect it provides at low doses, and its extremely effective sedative effects at high doses. Scientists believe that a unique balance of alkaloids, more mitragynine and less 7-hydroxymitragynine, may be responsible. In any case, most who choose to buy white vein do it for the jolt of energy that high-quality white vein kratom powder can deliver.

In fact, the most common use of the white vein strain is in the morning. Some people take it instead of drinking their wake-up cup of coffee, while others use white vein kratom just before starting a demanding workday. Why replace coffee? For most users, the energy boost is “cleaner.” It doesn’t normally create the jitters you might feel after drinking a big cup of black coffee, probably because of the compensating effects of the alkaloid power that induces sedation at higher levels.

A large number of people who are regular users of white vein kratom have found that there are mental alertness benefits as well. They come primarily in the form of focus and concentration, but may also aid in tasks requiring memory. The white vein energy shot, which typically lasts about four hours, is why some choose white vein kratom to enhance their sexual experience, or to ease anxiety in social situations. It’s also why this strain is not as effective for pain relief as others, although there are still some analgesic benefits to white vein.

That’s for small doses of 2-5 grams. Large doses of up to ten grams are likely to provide the most noticeable sedative effect of any type of kratom, ranging from extremely relaxing to sleep-inducing.

Most white vein kratom is Sumatran or Indonesian, while some is from Borneo or Bali. Each has similar effects both in enhancing energy levels at low doses, and relaxation at high ones.

Where Can I Buy White Vein Kratom?

A number of local head or smoke shops have begun selling kratom – or what they call kratom. In most cases, it is poor-quality product with low alkaloid levels, it is diluted with other substances (to increase profit margins when selling to people who won’t know the difference), or simply a counterfeit product. And even if these shops do offer decent kratom for sale, chances are slim that they’ll carry white vein kratom.

The only reliable answer is to buy white vein kratom online from a reputable source like WorldRoots.com. A provider who specializes in kratom is much more likely to carry all strains of the herb, particularly the white vein variety which isn’t as well known as maeng da or red vein.

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What about the kratom itself? We focus on the processes of sourcing, inspection and delivery more than any other provider. Our pure kratom (white vein and all other strains) is from 100% organically-grown plants and is imported directly from the grower. Every batch is inspected twice a day for its potency and freshness by a specialized quality assurance team. And since we ship directly to you from our West Coast facilities, there are never any long delays due to foreign postal services or Customs inspections.

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